Information as a Service in Healthcare

The roles of healthcare information systems are expanding due, not only to technology integration in health care delivery, but also with hospital and care center mergers, the creation of integrated delivery networks, increased usage of HIE’s and an increase in the number of patients requiring care. Healthcare organizations, now more than ever, require the flexibility, scalability, and real time delivery of information, knowledge, and services to best facilitate data exchange across the continuum of care.
IaaS in Healthcare

The above image represents one of the information management solutions currently available on the market for clinics and hospitals.

Such systems automate and simplify information flows, management and availability, which dramatically improves level of service of healthcare institutions. Often clinical processes and decision-making require the immediate availability of current and accurate information about patients, diseases and medications. A single information source will enable providers to have real-time, current, and accurate information for improved patient care.

Liaison is one of market leaders in implementation of Healthcare Information as a Service systems to include:

  • Master Person Index to solve the challenges associated with identifying and verifying patient and provider demographic information.
  • Patient Document Repository, which provides access to a patient’s comprehensive medical history is vital to ensure quality care.
    Incomplete medical records lead to a loss in provider efficiency, could result in a decrease in an organization’s patient safety score and result in patient dissatisfaction due to a delay in treatment or diagnosis.
  • Patient Registry
  • Data Analysis, Statistics and Reporting
  • Personal Identity Verification
  • DIRECT Messaging to provide a secure messaging platform, following Direct Project standards and enabling exchange of key clinical data between healthcare providers and patients.
  • Patient Data Inquiry to contain a secure repository of aggregated and harmonized patient information from different sources that facilitate the search for and location of documents.

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